Finn Thomson Whisky

Finn Thomson Whisky

 Finn Thomson Whisky 


‘Packaging for a Product that Reflects  ….’

 A referral for a product with generations of family history and heritage that gave us an opportunity to tell a story of generations of expertise that had built up over hundreds of years.


This equisit product celebrates some lost and forgotten treasures and the packaging is able to tell the story of the family heritage and continued pride held within.  Collaborations with the best in the industry have taken place to bring this product to the market using traditional materials, expertise and pride. 


The recipient will receive a piece of history with the packaging having the opportunity to tell the story of generations that have gone before, whilst complimenting this unique product and allowing them to taste the attention to detail and quality that is held within.


Kingscroft are extremely proud to be the manufacturer of the packaging for Finn Thomson – more than an experience is held within.     

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