At are currently manufacturing our stock here on site in Irvine for all our Christmas gift boxes and all our other collapsible gift boxes with magnetic fastenings and rigid boxes which are a modern alternative to the wicker baskets that have been used for many years now. This range of gift boxes covers many sizes and colours and we can now provide small or mini gift boxes to lovely large gift boxes and now our XXL sizes which can be bespoke to yourself with the inclusion of your brand or printed ribbon to clinch the edge for your products. We are happy to work with small runs to wholesale customers and are able to assist all users. We cant be more proud that our boxes are all made on site by our fabulous team and all our gift boxes are made in the UK with sustainable products for everyone to enjoy and use for a multitude of reasons. As the boxes use a laminated paper, they are ideal for chilled products from a deli counter, including cheese, meats and chacuterie products. They are also often used for product launches, marketing campaigns and retail use. If you intend to use them for online sales, please also note that the postal packaging for our stock sizes is also available as well as the lovely infils of woodwool and shredded paper. If you also are thinking about using ribbons and bows, there is a selection online but please give us a call and discuss what you are looking for and we will be happy to help you. Our expertise in supplying gift packaging is here for you and we will be delighted to assist you produce the best items for your products.